Underground Street NZ Exhibition

by Laybuy Laybuy

"Underground Street is an idea that brings 'underground' streetwear clothing brands and music artists from New Zealand all together in one creative space. A chill atmosphere to meet and network with like-minded individuals within the community whilst browsing some quality under-rated NZ garments".
I rolled into 2018 with a solid direction of what needed to be done in order for PremiumClo to continue to organically expand - with one major thread being to NETWORK.
For the first collection of the year I didn't want to have the focus just being online only, I wanted my customers to see the new season product in front of them physically as sometimes online only doesn't do a product enough justice.  I then approached local creative group Lowtide (@lowtidelabel) with the intentions of running an independent pop-up store. But then I thought, wait? I've been keeping connections close with a few other local brands, why don't we all just link up together and make something even bigger? Thats when I decided to get Distant Locals and Bittersweet on board to help create 'Underground Street', which went on to become a great success not only financially but most importantly with the connections we created with our audience.